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Sambal with garlic and Sambal Badjak



Today's fast-paced world offers less and less time for quality nutrition, and brings to the fore the quick and easy kitchen ready products. Check out our traditional Hungarian products and in addition a variety of sauces with oriental flavors and make yourself aware that our products represent an excellent quality.


Among our recipes you’ll find those submitted by our customers, and we welcome other great recipes, comments and questions as well.

Qualitative Hungarian products made out of hot peppers
from Hungary

B.W.A. Production, Trade and Service Ltd

B.W.A. Production, Trade and Service Ltd is situated in Hajós, in the southern part of County Bács-Kiskun, Hungary.
The Ltd was founded on the 04thof December 1992 as a subsidiary company of Wendjoe BV, a Dutch company, with 100% Dutch ownership. The founders' aim was to produce hot Hungarian peppers of good quality by taking advantage of local conditions, with subsequent processing of peppers in order to supply the Dutch parent company with the raw materials.

Our processing activity was increasing gradually over the years. Today we are buying the seasoning pepper not only from the local farmers, but also from the pepper producers far across the county border, and today our average annual volume is 3,500 tonnes. The garlic pulp manufacturing started a few years later, to which the local farmers provide the raw material.

Our packaging technology has also developed over the years. In addition to the initial one-ton container packaging we are producing now in 25 kg barrels as well as in 15, 10 and 5 kg buckets, which are made primarily for foreign wholesalers.

We also continue to develop our manufacturing technology: in addition to our pulps with more coarseconsistency, today we have possibility to produce a range of fine grindedpepper- and garlic pastes also.

In 2009 our bottling facility was established with the support of European Union subsidization, which is a milestone in our Companys life. The factory unit allows us to produce hot sauces aimed for final consumption that require a high-end technology. The bottling production line provides an opportunity for us to fill our products into packaging like jars and PET bottles from 100 ml up to 1000 ml. Significant quantities of these products are exported to Western Europe, but domestic sales are growing as well.

Our staff consists of 12 people, some of them have been working for our company from the very begining, and are very experienced in their work area. Due to our producing activities, our Company gives support to local farmers and helps them to make a living.

In addition to taste of the characteristically Hungarian traditional products, our Company produces a wide range of sauces with oriental flavours. Our Thai, Chinese or Middle Eastern kitchen flavored hot and mayonnaise sauces are enjoying a constantly growing popularity. B.W.A. Ltd achieves new successes based on wide range of products made from Hungarygrown raw qualitymaterials, advanced technology and reliable quality.



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Anton Weij


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